DIY Domke Waxwear

Ok I live in Oregon, It rains a lot and I aways carry my bag with me, I have used waterproofing spray on my domke bags, but that wasnt water-resistant enough for me.

I wanted waterproof, and ugly. I’m one of those people who think camera bags must be ugly! So I decided to wax the canvas. Did some online reasearch and found instructions on how to make tin cloth.

All you need is


beeswax ( I couldn’t find beeswax so I used paraffin)

Heres how to do it

1-Melt wax

2-mix equal parts wax with turpentine

3-paint mixture onto canvas

4-Let it dry

5-Use a blow dryer to melt the excess wax into the canvas

6-leave bag out to air out (turpentine stinks)

7-all done, Bag is ugly and stiff, Just what I wanted!


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